Cable Lugs

Cable lugs

Cable lugs are connection device used to connect terminal of cable with the terminal of electrical devices and also terminal of two different cable. It is also called Cable connector or cable anchor. Generally it is made up of Aluminum, Copper and Brass. The main function of cable lugs is to connect the incoming cable to electrical appliances, other cable, surface of mechanical equipment etc. Cable lugs are used for connection of cables to terminal box where there must be a permanent connection, and where direct connection is inconvenient.

Types of Cable Lugs

According to the materials used to manufacture it, Cable lugs are mainly Copper and Aluminum types. But depending upon the usage and applications of Cable, There are many types of Cable lugs are available, named as:

  • Tubular & Ring type lugs
  • Pin type lugs
  • Fork type or U type lugs
  • Male and Female connector lugs
  • Flat type lugs

Tubular & Ring type lugs

Tubular & Ring types lugs are most commonly used for cable termination work. The lugs is ring shape and it is used for house and industrial wiring of switch boards, MCBs, connection of electrical devices etc. The lugs is very reliable and there is lesser chance to remove the lugs from TB due to the ring shape

Pin type lugs

Pin type lugs are mainly used for electronic devices in industries. Generally, it is used for connection of cables to Relays and other electrical and electronics devices of control and indication cables. It has thin and long pin type structure so that it becomes easy and convenient to use.

  • Cables to Relays
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